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के. वी. की उत्पत्तिं

  • Total area of Vidyalaya land is 7.5 acres . The Vidyalaya Building is situated at Devsaini Village,Nr.PAC Ramghat Road , Aligarh. Established in 1995. Vidyalaya was opened in a temporary building provided by ITI, Aligarh. The school shifted in its permanent building in July 2010. Civil Sector School. District Magistrate, Aligarh is the Chairman of Vidyalaya Management Committee. The Longitude & Latitude of Aligarh is - respectively 27d55'37 36d North 78d 07' 07.18d East

विकास के महत्वपूर्ण मील का पत्थरं

  • Vidyalaya is making use of facilities in every possible manner. LCD, OHP, Computers & other latest technologies are used for teaching students.

वर्ष वार प्रमुख वर्गों और अनुभाग में क्रमिक विस्तार

  • 1995 : I to V
  • 2000 : I to X
  • 2002 : I to XII
  • XI & XII (Science and Commerece only)
  • I to X two sections each
  • XI (Three Sections) Two for Science & One for Commerce Stream
  • Commerece Stream introduced in Class XI-- Session 2010-11