सी. एम. पी. पहल -

अंतिम अद्यतनीकरण : 18-11-2018

क्रम संख्या पहल कक्षा - विषय शिक्षण उद्देश्य शुरू की गई परिकल्पना शिक्षण उद्देश्य महसूस की या नहीं प्रभारी शिक्षक और पदनाम
1 Readiness programme : Making the new comers familiar with School environment Class I [ English, EVS etc.] Making Them Aware Of The School Environment, Curriculum, Culture Etc हां श्री बाबूलाल, हेड मास्टर
2 Class II & III [ Mathematics ] Learning Is Achieved By Engaging Students In Various Activities With The Help Of Easily Available Things Like Beads, Pencil Etc. हां श्रीमती पंकजा सैनी , श्री एस. के. सुमन
3 To develop competency skill in the child by observation, recognition, discovering facts etc. Class III [ EVS ] The Student Has To Realize The Importance Of Their Community, Culture हां श्री वाई. सिंह
4 To develop the child in four linguistic skill i.e. listening, speaking, reading & writing Class I to V [ Hindi, English ] Students Are Encouraged To Read & Write Correctly And Speak In English With Correct Pronunciation हां All Primary Reachers
5 Singing, Dancing, Playing Instruments Class I to V [ Music ] Students Are Given The Knowledge Various Musical Instruments, Music And Dance हां Dr. Bani Majumdar
6 Class I to V [ CCA ] Various Competitions And Co-curricular Activities Are Organised For Overall Development Of The Child हां श्री हिमांशु आर्या
7 Excursion-to enjoy a variety of activities that enhance their knowledge Class I to V Healthy Mental And Physical Development Of Students हां